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Monday 10th December
7pm at the stadium
Vacant positions:
Finance convenor 1 year, Senior match 2 years, Junior match 2 years, Marketing 2 years.
Please email [email protected] for further information and nomination form.
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Masters fixtures, come on down and check out some hockey!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Grand final results
SWHLM - Marist defeated Wests 2-1
Best on ground: Brett Cartledge (Marist)
SWHLW - Boyanup defeated Robins 3-1
Best on ground: Amber Vivian (Robins)
A2M - Marist defeated Boyanup 3-2 in extra time, golden goal
Best on ground: Fab Crescenzi (Marist)
A2W - Boyanup defeated Marist 3-1 in penalty strokes
Best on ground: Lauren Johnston (Boyanup)
A3M - Exies Cubs defeated Harvey 1-0
Best on ground: Matt Mort (Exies Cubs)
A3W - Exies Kittens defeated Exies 3-1
Best on ground: Megan Lush (Exies Kittens)
Congratulations to all the 2018 premiership teams 🏑🏆
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Amended fixtures for Grand finals this weekend.
Goodluck to all those involved.
Please remember to check times and turf.
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List of winners from 2018 Presentation Night.
Congratulations to all

SWHLM F&B: Keegan Schoultz (Marist)
SWHLM R/up F&B: Kane Wetherell (Boyanup)
SWHLM Highest Goal scorer: Alby Lawrence (Marist) & Daniel Sampey (Marist)
SWHLW F&B: Allyce Sewell (Boyanup)
SWHLW R/up F&B: Bronte Price (Associates)
SWHLW Highest Goal scorer: Dee Garstone (Robins)
SWHL Men’s Umpire of the Year: Andrew Blee
SWHL Women’s Umpire of the Year: Emily Fraser

A2M F&B: Dave Tarrant (Marist)
A2M R/up F&B: Marcus Apanah (Marist)
A2M Highest Goal scorer: Mark Johnson (Exies)
A2W F&B: Janis Beadle (Boyup Brook)
A2W R/up F&B: Jodi Nield (Boyup Brook)
A2W Highest Goal scorer: Tarryn Scott (Marist)

A3M F&B: Mal Champion (Exies Cubs) & Peter Gardiner (Donnybrook)
A3M R/up F&B: Ben Bregazzi (Marist)
A3M Highest Goal scorer: Keane Bavin (Harvey)
A3W F&B: Aleisha Crowd (Exies)
A3W R/up F&B: Lydia Torissi (Donnybrook)
A3W Highest Goal scorer: Joanna Rodgers (Exies Kittens)

BDHA Development Umpire of the Year: Callum Skippings
BDHA Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year: Kate Lockley (Marist)
BDHA Men’s Goalkeeper of the Year: Trevor Foster (Exies)
BDHA Women’s A Grade Country Week F&B: Jonnelle Zabajnik
Challege Cup Winners:
SWHLM: Wests
SWHLW: Boyanup
A2M: Marist
A2W: Marist
A3M: Boyanup
A3W: Exies Kittens
BDHA Champion Club: Marist
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If anyone is interested in being part of the technical group for the upcoming Women's Master's tournament 27th September - 6th October please email [email protected] with your interest ASAP.
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Preliminary finals for this weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bunbury Hockey Stadium added 17 new photos.
Bunbury Hockey Stadium

Photos from Grand Finals -7/8 boys & girls and 5/6 boys & girls.
Association Fairest & Best awards.
Congratulations to all.
Thank you for choosing hockey.
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